How to trade on CoChilli

Our Platform at a Glance

At our core, we champion a user-centric approach where we guarantee that we never hold our users’ funds. This principle ensures maximum security and trust, empowering you to control your assets directly. Our platform operates on the innovative Manta chain, facilitating a seamless trading experience with minimal transaction costs.

Current Testnet Stats

For the most current and detailed statistics about our testnet, including user engagement, transaction volumes, and network performance, please visit This resource provides an in-depth analysis and real-time data to keep you informed about our platform’s growth and development. We have over 1,780,000 bets made on our platform.

How Our Platform Works & Our Mission

We’ve designed our trading Dapp to democratize financial markets, making them accessible and equitable. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Connectivity: Users access our platform via a straightforward web interface.

  2. Wallet Integration: Securely connect your cryptocurrency wallet, supporting various options for flexibility.

  3. Gas Efficiency: Pay gas only for deposits and withdrawals, significantly reducing transaction costs.

  4. Real-Time Trading: Experience zero latency in trade execution, making your trading strategies more effective.

  5. Control: Always maintain control over your funds, with direct wallet-to-wallet transactions.

Our mission is to offer an intuitive, efficient, and secure trading environment, democratizing access to global financial markets.

Trading Dapp Walkthrough

Step 1: Visit Our Website

Navigate to to begin your trading journey:

Step 2: Trade Now

Click on the “Trade Now” button to access our trading platform directly.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

Choose the “Connect Wallet” option to link your cryptocurrency wallet to our platform.

Step 4: Select Your Wallet

From the list, pick your preferred wallet, keeping in mind that we are operating on Manta Chain (your wallet has to be EVM compatible)

Step 5: Deposit & Approve USDC

Follow the prompts to deposit and approve USDC for trading. This step requires a gas fee, which is the only charge you’ll incur outside of withdrawals.

Our platform operates off-chain for all of your trades to minimize the fees you’re paying!

Step 6: Execute Your Trade

Decide on your trade direction based on your market analysis or prediction. For example, if you believe the price will decrease, position your trade accordingly.

Step 7: Review Outcome

After the trade concludes, check the outcome. If successful, your session balance will reflect your earnings.

Step 8: Withdrawal

Withdrawal Process:

  1. Navigate to Withdrawal: Access the withdrawal section on our platform.

  2. Select Amount: Choose how much you want to withdraw, ensuring it matches your available balance.

  3. Confirm Withdrawal: Verify the withdrawal details, including the destination wallet address.

  4. Complete Transaction: Confirm the transaction, which will incur a gas fee. This is one of the rare occasions you’ll need to pay a fee, ensuring most of your capital remains intact.

  5. Receive Funds: Once the transaction is processed, your funds will transfer directly to your chosen wallet.

It really is simple! At CoChilli we prioritise our user experience and want to make it as frictionless as possible. We are democratizing financial markets and want you to join us!

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