CoChilli is bringing gambling onchain, utilizing groundbreaking Virtual Engine technology to eliminate latency and gas fees, allowing for a truly frictionless user experience.

By harnessing the power of Virtual Rollup, a cutting-edge Zero-Knowledge state channel developed by Virtual Labs, we bring settlement offchain. This innovative approach addresses two major pain points in the current market: latency and gas fees. CoChilli eliminates the need for users to engage in multiple transactions, streamlining the process to just a single deposit and withdrawal transaction.

In this new paradigm, CoChilli ensures that users can engage in an infinite number of operations without wallets, latency and gas. Through the use of the state channels, the intricacies of web3 technology are abstracted, enabling users to enter without needing an in-depth understanding of the underlying blockchain mechanics. This user-friendly design fosters accessibility for a broader audience, democratizing the world of onchain gambling and making it easy to use for those less acquainted with web3.

We are at the forefront of revolutionizing the gambling industry with the CoChilli Trade app (the first gamified trading protocol) already live and are focused on building 3 verticals that combined will give rise to the most advanced onchain betting ecosystem:


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